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December 05, 2007


Spell and spell again

A "hostile" ?


Are you implying that SN employees cannot spell?


Retired Somerville Police Officer John Canty also passed away last week and with him went a million stories about this city and the people that lived in it. He was a cop's cop who would rather give someone a break, but of course you would receive a very large foot in the ass, than lock someone up and ruin their lives. He was a bear of a man who served his country proudly with the Marine Corps in World War II. He treated the homeless in the street the same as he would treat the President of the United States. He was loaded with common sense and street smarts and would put to shame most of the Police Officers that we now unfortunatly employ. He was the real thing. He will be missed greatly.

He leaves a very large network of family and friends.

Thank you John, for just being you! RIP

Trish Blain

Wow! I had said at the meeting that we are still using the working name “The Connections Center” but we are in the process of changing it (I mentioned a possible name of “Spaces”)....I guess we really DO need to change the name! LOL

The reference to the "renaissance lifestyle" was a casual (and arguably unsuccessful) attempt at describing an aspect of our social mission (think Ben and Jerry’s NOT Jim Jones) – of supporting the growing numbers of individuals that have very eclectic lives that don’t fit into traditional boxes. For example: engineers that are also artists, or stay at home mom and dads that are also entrepreneurs.

You did miss the heart of the concept though – which is providing unique spaces that can be an extension of people’s homes and businesses(of a legal nature), such as… office spaces that are rentable by the hour or a high technology media room. We have even met with Somerville parents to discuss including a possible indoor play space.

The guest rooms/hotel aspect fits in well because of all the unique meeting/event space we will have… The guest rooms would NOT be rentable by the hour.

I think we have an innovative idea that will provide a valuable resource to the Davis Square community…and I hope that you and others will give me another chance to provide more detailed information (and select a new name !! lol) before locking in an opinion…and in the future, I’ll do my best to try to describe it in ways that don’t compel the use of a barf bag. :)

Ron Newman

Thanks for posting that; I look forward to hearing the new name. Meanwhile, check out the "Davis Square hotel talks begin" story which has a number of comments about your plans.


In response to your article about Joan Batzek and the Paddock Restaurant, you should be ashamed of yourself for the negative comments you made about the new owner. He's a hardworking young family man who shouldn't be obligated to hire the previous owner's employees. The person Joan should be upset with is the previous owner, James Wakely, who didn't inform any of his employees and just closed the doors. That was the gratitude his local employees received after working for him anywhere from 10 to 25 years.

James Norton

Terri -

Let me be the first to welcome you to the land of online delusional people. I just re-read what was in Newstalk and could you point out exactly where in there you saw something that was even remotely insulting to the new owner of the Paddock?

I know as an Irish Catholic I personally walk around with a whole bunch of guilt, but for once I would like someone to explain to me why I should feel so shameful at this moment. Is that possible? What exactly was in Newstalk that would be considered shameful?

Maybe Joannie is lying to us - I mean, we only see Joannie every single day - I dunno...Maybe we made it all up? I guess we can't take the word of a woman we have known for over 30 years when she says the person won't speak to her directly.

Hold on a second - I just re-read the Newstalk item for a third time about the new Paddock ownership and I am still looking for what was said about the new owner that was so bad we should feel ashamed for making a comment...wait! Maybe if I re-read it BACKWARDS...yes - yes! I see it now! Terri!

Oh my Lord, Terri, please accept our apologies - how could we say such a thing about a truly saint-like person such as that? Joannie MUST be lying to us every single day. Over and over. And over and over.
Can you ever forgive us?

Okay listen up cupcake, when you figure out what was so shameful, let some of us on planet sanity know, otherwise, take a seat at the back of the bus with the other online delusional people (Kate, Election, et al). Don't forget your hockey helmut.

Have a great night.



The journal has posted the city's gift to property owners. Out taxes are baing raised again.


Jesus, JN, I don't mean to sound disrespectful to you, but you sound EXACTLY like Imux here, with the trite bus metaphors and the pseudo-macho talk.

Okay listen up cupcake, when you figure out what was so shameful, let some of us on planet sanity know, otherwise, take a seat at the back of the bus with the other online delusional people (Kate, EIection, et al). Don't forget your hockey helmut.

Ron Newman

And I hope you don't intend to talk that way at School Committee meetings.

Bill Shelton

Well, I agree with everything that JN wrote except this: (Kate, Election, et al).

If memory serves, Joannie won a Best of Somerville award for her waitressing. Joannie is the Platonic ideal of a waitress that remembers you, greets you warmly, teases you gently, and keeps you entertained while waiting for the food.

If the new owner won't talk to her, he is foolish as well as rude and uncaring. And like JN, I can't see any logical connection between Terri's quote and the News Talk item that it refers to.

James Norton

Bill -

Thanks. The "et al" was designed for the people like them, not everyone on here. I wouldn't include you in that bunch on my worst day.

Have a good night.



Hey, Jelly Roll (JN), this is Cupcake. You call yourself a journalist? A real one wouldn't insult the handicapped by telling them to get at the back of the bus and put a helmet on. If Daddy didn't own the paper, you would be in the same place as Joan. (Out of a job). What next, Jelly Roll? Are you going to insult the victims of Katrina and the mothers of fallen soldiers in Iraq?

- Terri "Cupcake"


I though the helmet comment was a not so subtle physical threat.

James Norton

Hey cupcake -

Once again you fall short on a getting a firm grasp on what's been written (and for that matter, reality). What's the matter - are you one of those people who actually think they're the smartest in the room (or the weblog) all the time and feel the need to fire back wildly at someone merely because you can't stand your own shortcomings?

The jellyroll comment would probably apply if I have ever eaten one, but you got that wrong all day and all night. By the way, the only insult to handicapped people I inadvertently made was associating you with one, read it again, dumbass. I have never labelled myself as a "journalist" so I don't know where you got that one, but I appreciate the elevation you have unwittingly given me, thanks.

Oh and for the record, if you knew what you were talking about or actually knew me or my family, then you would know that I own my own business (by myself, seperate from the family businesses) and have for the last 15 years, which is the main source of my yearly income. I don't take a salary from either the newspaper or the real estate company - nice try with that one too.

It never ceases to amaze me how some people just lash out with stupid-ass comments which are borne not from a valid and rational perspective, but merely from jealousy and unfettered disdain.

Want to take another wild stab at fiction for the readers? Think you are the smartest in the room because you think I'm too weak-skinned with your comments? Give me a break - I invite you to give it your best shot, but at least come at me with something worth explaining or that might make me feel like I actually did something to deserve it.

If you want to engage me or anyone on here, rather than flailing haphazardly, why don't you post something which is tangible and debatable (read - factual) from an informational standpoint?

Enjoy your evening cupcake -


norton is SO right!

Norton is a God!

James Norton

Honestly I am not so sure I can take anymore stupidity tonight.

Sorry to unpublish your comment too Ron, but it wouldn't have made any sense if I was unpublishing the other one.

I just don't have time to run around wasting my time with some of this foolishness. I am sure you can agree.


Ron Newman

No problem, JN. I thought the comment that I replied to was nearly libelous, and I'm glad you removed it.


To JN's -- "with the other online delusional people (Kate, Election, et al).

I can't remember what I've ever posted that would elicit that comment.


Kate, no idea why you were included. I play a lot around here because I take this for what it is, but your posts are generally sound. You did insult Imux, after he insulted you multiple times, but why would JN care that you insulted Imux? Unless, of course...

James Norton

Kate -

Actually I don't remember either, must have been the heat of the moment. Sorry about that, I probably didn't mean to type your name, it must have been on one of my windows I had open, sorry.

Election -

You're funny. I notice you didn't take my challenge, but hey that's cool.

Enjoy your day.



I must have missed the challenge! I always love a good duel at dawn, JN. Any time! :-)


James - No sweat, no problem. You, enjoy your day and weekend, too.
Election - thank you, for such a nice remark about my posts. I honestly don't enjoy insulting Imux, it's a knee-jerk reaction to some of his posts. I need to lighten up.

James Norton

Election -

Check under the last immigration column by Wild Bill.



Ron Newman

I wondered about that too. Kate is the most level-headed person posting here!


OMG, Ron - that is so nice of you to say, but I must bow to you. You always maintain your cool under ribbing and outright criticism. I frequently get quite angry and don't control myself.


Think about how nice and productive this blog would be, if all posters were like Ron and Kate. Seriously. I'm not only talking about the content, but also about the fact that they are gracious, which is especially important for online conversations (since what we think we know about the other posters is 95% a projection in our head).
It seems that JN does not want to encourage this kind of tone, in the name of a phony "freedom of speech" argument. JN, if you disrupted a meeting the way Imux and Grog do here, you'd be kicked out and ostracized by the community. JN must have an ulterior agenda, that's the only conclusion a rational person can draw.


JN, nah, I recently had a duel with a jackass from New Jersey. The sucker now knows better than to challenge people he does not know to duels, at dawn. So you know, I trained with Edoardo Mangiarotti's family. But he did not know that. :-)

James Norton

Election -

I certainly wish to promote open and courteous conversation, believe it or not. I guess I should rear my head not just for the problems, but in the middle of debate as well, it would lend my online personality a better perception. Our desire to stay out of the online "fray" at times certainly doesn't mean I subscribe to their (Grog and Imux) believes and/or their presentation. That being said, I am starting to understand why you make the comments you make and the point is taken. I am sure both Ron and Kate can recall times I have been very gracious on here, but being as busy as I have been as of late, I have been a bit short-tempered here.

On that note, regarding your training with such an illustrious Italian family - Bravo! Lei ha mostrato certamente le sue abilità per essere degne. Oso chiamare una tregua poi? Non sono l'asino conosciuto come Imux, non lavora per il giornale, non è frequentato il giornale e non so chi è e ciò è tutto ho per dire su ciò. Piacere la sua notte di venerdì.



Ron Newman

If you want to promote courteous conversation may I kindly direct your attention over here. Thanks.


Well, JN, what would you think if SN partnered with another other site with a different structure, more like a discussion board? The SN would focus on news and comments and could host more or less engaging exchanges with Imux and the like, a bit like you'd find in a bar.
The other site would be for users wanting to have more serious discussions without having to deal with trolls. All ideas would be welcome, but posts such as the ones by John (see Ron's link above), after a warning, would result in the user being banned. I'm sure there would be intelligent people interested in serving as moderators (and I think people such as Ron be best).
A while back there was that Somerville Politics thing for a few weeks, but that was not what I'm talking about.

JN, parli davvero Italiano?

Bill Shelton

I'm a little late checking in. I didn't want to be misconstrued, so let me say I think that Kate, Ron, and Election all add a lot to this forum, and they do so without personalized attacks.

I really do believe that what all of us who live in this city share is more important than our differences. If we can remember that, we can tolerate vehement differences of opinion without attacking the opinion holder.

As I've suggested before, I think that a lot of Imux's comments are tongue-in-cheek, and he makes me smile even when he is insulting me. But I recognize that that may be hard for some people. I wonder if this is a class/cultural difference. Having been a teenager on the streets of Compton,California, I'm used to hearing people playing the dozens. When I read Imux, I can imagine the smile on his face, which I can't imagine with certain other people who post here. I'm not sure how one works out differences of class/cultural communication styles on line.

I also think that JN sets a good example when he comes back and says that his post, "must have been in the heat of the moment. Sorry about that."

I mess up regularly, including in this space. Observer, for example, pointed out a gross error that I made awhile back in mistaking one member of the McKenna family for another. If I didn't acknowledge where I had erred, I wouldn't be able to trust myself, much less expect anyone else to.

We don't get to see each other's faces and hear their voices when we post to a website. So when people acknowledge that they erred, as JN did, it humanizes them to me. And it makes me more likely to trust what they do say.


Bill, first of all, you're one of those people I was referring to, together with Kate and Ron, I did not mean to ignore you.
I see your point, and I suspect most people here may have smiled the first few times they read Imux's posts. But the empty and repetitive nature of Imux's "tongue-in-cheek" remarks has become unfunny and without actual content. It's a bit like the drunk uncle who interrupts some interesting conversation with the same old rant about the good old days. I hope that in the future he (I assume it's a he, for some reason) mixes the TIC posts with posts that have some content and actual arguments.


Oh my.... the little lovefest in here is making my heart go pitter-patter. What's next? Are we all going to hold hands and sing Kumbaya in Davis square?

Anyone who thinks Ron, Kate or Election contributes anything beyond some libaloon blabbering needs to have their heads examined. When I post my opinions I always back them up with facts (even with the no links allowed limitation). I also have no hard feelings toward anyone on here - I just feel sorry for the moonbats having to go through life with their heads shoved up their backsides.

And whilst we're on this multi-lingual kick: Election, você é um burro stupid. Obrigado. muito obrigado....

City Workers

Hey was that Stan Koty Playing Santa Claus at the tree lighting the other night up at city hall.

ho ho ho city workers

Why is J Sully a bonafide hater?

Why is John L a bonafide Hater? "Smile your on camera" Don't hate the player, hate the game! Eat your heart out baby!

Hudson Street Joe, needs to put his camera away

Joeycakes from Hudson Street needs to put his camera away!


Imux - In Portuguese, 'stupid' is 'stupido', but you spelled the rest correctly. You also spelled 'kumbaya' correctly, hmmmmm, what's with that.

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